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What is is a free digital wallet that enables you to turn your identity into retail currency and portable access. Everyone who shops online for free through can earn cash back on almost every online purchase. Members of special groups like Military, Students, Teachers, and First Responders may verify their status to receive extra special offers like exclusive discounts at major brands and complimentary admission to theme parks. is one of two companies selected by the federal government to provide a Single Sign On for American citizens that will be accepted across all government websites over the next two years. Upon launch,’s Single Sign On will enable you to interact across the government without needing to create a new email/password and verifying your identity by answering questions about your address history or your car payment at each federal website you visit.

Our long-term goal is to allow any user to easily prove who they are while they are online if it benefits them to do so.

How much does cost to use?

Nothing! is a free service for our users. We’re especially proud to help special communities like the military get access to the rewards and benefits they deserve for their service.

How do I sign up?

  • Step 1: Create Your Account
  • Click the Sign Up button at the top right of any page on Enter your email address, create a password, and submit.
  • Step 2: Confirm Your Email Address
  • Check your email address for a confirmation email from Confirm your account and you’re ready shop great discounts and earn cash back.

What is the difference between Confirmation and Verification?

Confirmation is the process of confirming the email account you used to create your Wallet. Verification is the process of verifying your group status to create a group ID card within your Wallet.

Group Status Verification

How long does it take to verify my group status? strives to perform all group status verifications instantly, however, this is not always possible. If you choose to verify by uploading documentation, then there will be a delay while that documentation is reviewed. We will verify all group statuses as quickly as possible, though there may be a slight delay should we experience a surge in requests at one time.

How will I know when my group status is verified if I uploaded documentation?

Once your documentation has been reviewed, you will receive an email indicating whether or not your status has been verified.

What if I don’t belong to one of the groups serves?

You can still earn cash back and take advantage of discounts through Shop on almost all of your online purchases. is adding new groups all the time as well, so check back regularly to see if you qualify.

What is Troop ID?

Troop ID is a privacy enhancing digital ID card provided by to military and veterans, spouses, and family members so they may access retail discounts and government benefits online the same way they access them offline. You are eligible for Troop ID if any of the below segments apply to you:

  • Active Duty
  • Active Reserve
  • National Guard
  • Veterans
  • Retirees
  • Inactive Reserves
  • Spouses
  • Dependents

Please note that some retailers may only accept certain segments of the military community such as Active Duty for a particular offer.

What are the verification methods for Troop ID?

USAA Membership

USAA has formed a relationship with to allow members to use their USAA membership to verify their military service affiliation.

Military Service Record

Please note, this option is only available to those that 1) served on Active Duty and 2) any date of your Active Duty service falls AFTER 09/30/1985.

You will need to enter the name you held when you were discharged or the name listed on your military records (such as your maiden name). Do not include your middle initial or suffix.

.mil Email

Active Duty, Inactive Reserves or National Guard, may verify their service by confirming a .mil email address. After you submit your information, a verification code will be sent to the .mil email address provided.

Upload Military Documentation

You may upload a digital copy of your DD214, LES, NGB-22, or active duty ERB/ORB for review by selecting this verification option.

Requesting DD 214

You should select this option if you are unable to use one of the other verification options or if copies of your military documentation are not readily accessible.

Having trouble verifying your Troop ID?

Please visit our Support Page for additional information and alternative options.

What is Teacher ID?

Teacher ID is digital ID card provided by that allows verified teachers to access exclusive offers and benefits. You are eligible for Teacher ID if any of the below statuses apply to you (public, private or charter schools; active or retired):

  • Certified Teacher
  • Certified Teacher Aide
  • Certified Teacher Assistant
  • Certified Educational Assistant
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Principal

What are the verification methods for Teacher ID?

  • Filling out information fields using your teacher credentials
  • Uploading teacher documentation
  • If retired, uploading documents stating retirement from statuses listed above.

Having trouble verifying your Teacher ID?

Please visit our Support Page for additional information and alternative options.

What is Student ID?

Student ID is a digital ID card provided by that allows verified students to access exclusive offers and benefits. You are eligible for Student ID if you are over 18 and actively enrolled as a:

  • College student
  • University student
  • Community College student
  • Technical College student

Please note, those taking professional training classes and primary/secondary school students are not eligible.

What are the verification methods for Student ID?

  • Filling out information fields that provides using your student credentials – requires the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Uploading student documentation.

Having trouble verifying your Student ID?

Please visit our Support Page for additional information and alternative options.

What is First Responder ID?

First Responder ID is a digital ID card provided by that allows verified first responders to access exclusive offers and benefits. You are eligible for First Responder ID if any of the below statuses apply to you (active or retired):

  • Police
    • Police Officer
    • Sheriff
    • State Trooper
    • Corrections Officer
    • Federal Officers (ex. Customs, Homeland Security, etc.)
  • Firefighters
    • Career Firefighter
    • Volunteer Firefighter
  • EMT
    • EMT
    • Paramedic

What are the verification methods for First Responder ID?

  • Police
    • Fill out info fields AND upload documentation
    • If retired, requires ID that proves retirement
  • Firefighters
    • Fill out info fields AND upload documentation
    • ProBoard certification
    • If retired, requires ID that proves retirement
  • EMT
    • Nationally Certified – fill out information fields
    • State Certified – fill out information fields or upload documentation
    • If retired, requires ID that proves retirement

Having trouble verifying your First Responder ID?

Please visit our Support Page for additional information and alternative options.

Security and Privacy

How does protect data? protects all sensitive data with AES 256-bit encryption at rest and RSA 2048-bit encryption in transit. Our information security protections are stronger than many financial institutions.

Why should I trust is one of three companies, along with Verizon and Symantec, certified by the U.S. federal government to enable citizens to access sensitive personal information, including medical records, from federal agencies. To achieve this certification, had to prove adherence rigorous set of technical, privacy, and policy controls to an independent auditor. You can view our certification status here.

Additionally, minimizes the information you need to prove your identity and group status based on the transaction you are trying to complete. We also minimize the data fields that a third party can request from you by ensuring that those fields are directly, and reasonably, related to the service or goods that the organization is providing to you. will never rent, sell, or otherwise release your personal information to a third party without your explicit permission on a case-by-case basis.

Why do you need my SSN and DOB? has a responsibility to protect the organizations that use our service from fraud. In certain cases, the SSN is the only unique identifier for an individual member of a group. Once verified is complete, the SSN is protected with AES 256-bit encryption.

How is my information used? operates on the foundational principle that our users control their own information. The Wallet is similar to a bank in that we view the data you store in your Wallet like currency that belongs only to you. does not share, sell or rent your information to third parties. Ever. Individual information is only released to partner sites with your explicit permission. limits information fields associated with a partner request to the fields that are directly associated with what is needed to establish eligibility. You can find more information on this in our

Why am I being asked to enable cookies?

Cookies are essential to crediting your account with cash back when you complete a purchase at a partner brand’s site after shopping through

Will send me emails? sends two types of e-mails: administrative and promotional. You cannot opt-out of administrative e-mails but you may opt out of promotional e-mails. Your subscriptions can be modified at any time through your “Account Settings” page. will also send you any necessary account information emails not pertaining to offers, including Password Reset, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy updates.


How do I use my account to claim discounts?

To claim a discount on, click the “Shop Now” or “Claim Code” buttons on any store page. You’ll receive any necessary instructions (in case you need a promo code) and then be directed to the store website. It’s that easy. If you have verified a group status – and a partner offers an exclusive discount for your group – you will go directly to the store website when you click on that offer.

How do I find a list of places or specific stores?

You can view our partners by visiting our Stores page, or you may use our search tool at the top of our website to search for our retail partners.

The offers on your homepage will change to fit your interests as we learn more about the brands you like the most. Additionally, you can click on one of the group tabs on the homepage to filter offers that are specific to that group.

Is (and the cash back program) available outside the United States? is available for worldwide use. We will also deliver your cash back wherever you are. If you are shopping from outside of the continental United States, then be sure to verify that the store you are shopping with will ship to you.

How do I return, exchange, or cancel a purchase?

Returns, exchanges, and cancellations are subject to the individual stores return policy. If you return, exchange, or cancel all, or part, of an order, the store may reverse the commission to associated with that purchase. In that scenario, won"t be able to pay you cash back from that transaction since our commission from the retailer won’t be paid for your purchase. Please refer to the individual retailer’s page on for more details.

Exchanges performed directly with the retailer will cancel your cash back offer. When you return or exchange an item, the retailer cancels your original purchase and creates a new transaction outside of’s cash back program. To receive cash back for an exchanged item you must return the item to the retailer for a refund and re-purchase the item through

Why don’t I see cash back from a purchase on my account?

Most cash back for eligible purchases will appear in your account within 72 hours. Certain purchases, like hotel or travel reservations,, will not earn cash back until the trip is completed so you may notice a lag after you complete your reservation and before you travel. Generally speaking, travel industry vendors place a hold on your credit or debit card at the time of purchase, but do not charge your card until they have provided a service to you. That is the reason for the delay in cash back.

Other possible reasons the purchase isn"t showing up in your account include:

  • You may not have been signed in to your account when you made the purchase. In that case, contact Member Support with the merchant name, order number, and the e-mail associated with your account.
  • The merchant might not recognize the purchase as complete. Contact the merchant directly to confirm that the purchase was processed. If the merchant confirms that the purchase was processed, please contact Member Support for further assistance.
  • You may not have completed the purchase through Shop. You must originate your purchase from within Shop by following one of our deal links, and completing your transaction in the newly opened window in order to qualify for cash back.
  • Your browser is not configured to accept cookies, so is unable to track your purchase.
  • You cancelled or returned your order.
  • You exchanged your order directly with the retailer, cancelling the original transaction.
  • You modified your order. Changing the shipping address, payment method, or even adding an item may cancel the original transaction.
  • You used an outside discount or coupon, gift card, or a gift certificate in addition to the discount offered through, voiding the cash back offer.
  • Additional limitations for purchases on certain partner sites might apply. Please see that store"s policy for further information

Why am I am receiving an authorization window for an offer? will never release your information to any third party without your explicit permission. While releasing information is usually essential to claiming an offer where verification of a group affiliation is a merchant requirement, we believe the decision to release that information, or not, is solely up to our members on an individual basis.

How do I revoke a merchant’s access to my information?

To revoke a merchant’s access to your information, edit your “Settings” in the Wallet, then click on “Privacy” find the merchant you want to revoke access from, and click “Revoke”.

Cash Back

Introduction to the cash back program

Everyone is eligible for’s free cash back program. When you make a purchase through Shop, the retailer pays a commission on that sale. then shares part of that commission with you. The cash back that each store offers to members that complete a purchase will be clearly visible on the offer cards and on the store page.

How can I see how much cash back is in my account?

You can always check on your cash back amount by visiting “My Cash”. It may take up to 72 hours for cash back to be reflected in your account. If your purchase was travel related, cash back will be credited after your trip is complete. If you have any issues with your cash back or have not seen your cash back in your account after 72 hours, or after your travel experience, please contact “Member Support”.

When will I receive my cash back? Does my cash back expire?

We send cash back payments quarterly (February, May, August, November) via Paypal. You will receive your cash back payment as long as you have earned at least $10. We will need the email address associated with your Paypal account. If you have not yet earned at least $10, your cash back will remain secure in your account until you do, and then you will receive payment on the next quarterly cycle. Your cash back rewards will never expire so long as your account remains active, so do not worry if you have not earned the minimum $10 by time the quarterly payment cycle comes around.

Can I shop directly on a retailer’s website and still receive cash back for those purchases?

In order to earn cash back, you must begin your shopping experience at Shop. If you redeem a deal on a participating retailer’s site without going through Shop and using our offer links to access the deal, then is unable to connect your purchase to a cash back reward. Only by registering with and then shopping through can we credit your purchase and assign cash back to your account.

Can I log-in to my account to verify my identity directly in a partner’s check-out flow and still qualify to receive that partner’s cash back rewards?

No. In order to earn cash back, you must begin your shopping experience at Shop. If you redeem a deal on a participating retailer’s site without going through Shop and using our offer links to access the deal, is unable to connect your purchase to a cash back reward.

Do I receive cash back on taxes, shipping and handling, etc.?

Cash back is calculated from the subtotal of the purchase price, excluding sales tax, shipping and handling, convenience fees, and any amount paid by gift card or store credit.

How much cash back can I earn?

There is no limit to the amount of cash back that you can earn. The more you shop, the more you save.

I didn’t receive cash back for a purchase I made this quarter.

If you have earned a minimum of $10 cash back this quarter and did not receive a check, there are three possible reasons.

  • One, you may have earned the minimum amount too close to the end of the quarter and your account did not register the cash back in time.
  • Two, if the cash back is from travel that you have booked, it will not register until after your trip is complete.
  • Three, if you have not included an address on your account settings, we do not know where to send your cash back rewards. If you have any questions, please contact our Member Support.

Technical Customer Support

How do I reset my password?

Click on the “Sign In” button in the upper-right hand corner and then click on the “Forgot Your Password?” button. Enter your email address and you will receive an email from us with a password-reset code.

How do I change information in my profile?

Visit “Settings” on you account page to update your profile. If you selected the wrong group status during signup or were assigned a status that isn"t accurate, please contact our Customer Support team – available 24/7 to assist.
Phone: 866.775.4363

How do I delete my account?

If at any time you are unhappy with your experience, we hope you will let us know immediately so we can assist. However, you always have the option to revoke any retailer authorizations you have made and/or delete your account. You can delete your account by contacting our Customer Support team at

Verification assistance/general support

Not finding the answer you’re looking for? Please contact our Customer Support – available 24/7 to assist.
Phone: 866.775.4363

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